Firing Up Cancer
24 – 26 June 2015

Public Event: Firing up Cancer





18:30 - 20:00


Technopark Zurich

Summary Hyperthermia – the selective heating of tumor tissues – is one of the oldest known forms of cancer treatment. Recent developments have led to a better understanding of hyperthermia’s thermo-biological basis and synergy with more conventional treatments. Technological advances in hyperthermia hardware and in the software for treatment planning – supported by promising outcomes from clinical trials – are laying the groundwork for routine integration of hyperthermia with surgery and radio- and chemotherapy in clinics. This public event with a panel of hyperthermia experts is especially tailored for a general audience.


  • Hyperthermia from a clinician point of view (Prof. Mark Dewhirst)
  • Hyperthermia from a biologist point of view (Prof. Michael Horsman)
  • Hyperthermia from a physicist and enginneer point of view (Prof. Gerard von Rhoon)
  • Hyperthermia from a health economist point of view (Prof. Thomas Szucs)
Moderation Prof. Em. Peter Niederer
  • The event will start with an apero

The public event flyer is available for download here.

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